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ScImage is an image analysis program for scientific purposes developed in Windows Visual Basic. The program is developed on the experience of five years research in the field of quantitative image-analysis in cell biology and medicine.



Microbiology - size of bacteria, density of colonies in cultures.

Pathology - measurements in histology (muscel fibres, ATPase activity), quantitative immunohistochemistry.

Industrial or University Research, e.g. quantitative enzyme histo- or cytochemstry, immunohistochemistry, documentation of measurements (toxicology).

Images can be acquired in ScImage using a Twain compatible camera or scanner. It is also possible to load bitmap images in several formats, and continue to work with images acquired in other image-analysis systems. Features are intensity, optical density, distances and areas.

Hardware requirements: PC with at least a 486DX CPU, 8 MB RAM, Graphics adapter 800 x 600 in 256 gray levels and at least 5 MB free space on harddisk.

ScImage can be downloaded in a freeware version with "load" and "print" options disabled.

The Freeware version can also be ordered on 3" disks or send by email. Se below.

Pricing (includes 25% Danish VAT) (1 kr. is approximately 0.15 US$ or 0.09 )

Description SKU # Price
16 bit single user 16-1 d.Kr.3750
32 bit single user 32-1 d.Kr. 3750
10 package 25 licenses 48-10 d.Kr.32750

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